Meyer-Haake GmbH Medical Innovations

The Meyer-Haake company was founded in 1981 by Ms. Meyer-Haake with a product line for dentistry only.

In 1989 our first high frequency production surgical unit was placed on the market.

In 1995 Meyer-Haake established a Quality Management/Assurance System according to the Medical Device Law and - in addition to the dental product line – products for physicians were developed and produced.

In 1995 the innovative tissue adhesive EPIGLU® was registered and successfully introduced worldwide. In 1998 the radioSURG® 2200, a larger and high-capacity radio surgical unit for all kind of surgical procedures followed.

In spring 2003 Meyer-Haake sold the complete dental product line to a well-known German dental company and since then has focused its activities on the medical market.

In 2010 the RF-ReFacing® - Treatment, an innovative anti-aging method with the radioSURG® 2200, was registered and a special unit, Beauty Treat was developed for this specific purpose.

Our smoke evacuation smokeSTAR has completed our product line since 2012.

radioSURG® 2200 - Models PT and PTA
radioSURG® 2200 – one unit for all surgical treatments
radioSURG® 2200 – equipment
radioSURG® 2200 – one unit for all surgical treatments
smokeSTAR - protects from toxic surgical fumes!
smokeSTAR - “in action”
EPIGLU® - the universal tissue adhesive
EPIGLU® - packs
EPIGLU® - packs
RF-ReFacing® - the innovation in anti-aging-treatment
RF-ReFacing® - how it works
Emergency Loo – the disposable urinal
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