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For over 70 years we have been developing and marketing “Products for a healthier word”. From the offset our special emphasis has been to make sure our high quality standards as well as our continuous engagement really do improve the wellbeing of the people we help.

We select our manufactures, whose products we market exclusively in Germany, very carefully and only if their quality and standard match ours. We only want to offer you products that we belive in ourselves. We also believe that highest product safety and a highest comfort in use are the keys for a long and trusted partnership.

Our products are designed to help and ease tasks for those involved in the handling of people that are greatly restricted in their mobility and independence.

Our products helps improve routines and the smart solutions support the transfer of lying, sitting and standing patients. Furthermore, our various special support systems facilitate safe handling in clinics, retirement homes as well as in ambulances.

With modern technologies and elaborate logistics, we are here if you need us and make sure your order is with you on time. All the while, we offer various ways of collaboration, from consulting, to on-line ordering and the delivery time that you need.

There are always products you can improve and this is why we have created some of our own brands and products, with innovative research that only we can offer.


Your patients trust you. That’s why you need a partner you can also trust. One that is strong and reliable. A partner, who supports you professionally in the areas of medic aids and healthcare. A partner, with the sole purpose to supply you with the best available treatment for your patients.


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