Dorothy Margueritha Searles, DoMaSe

Dorothy Margueritha Searles, DoMaSe: Main Distributor in the GCC /Turkey and Thailand for Femtonics Microscopes

A company based in Basel, Switzerland. The Managing Director, Dorothy Searles has over 20 years’ experience in Grant Funding Management for Health Research projects. Together with her partner, H.H. Sayyid Bader Al Said from the Sultanate of Oman, they work as a perfect team to enhance marketing collaborations mainly between Europe and the GCC.

DoMaSe is proud to be introducing Femtonic’s custom designed 2D and 3D microscopes during the Arab Health 2018 as it is the main distributor in the GCC. Femtonics are one of the most dynamically expanding manufacturers of two-photon laser scanning microscopy. They make unique, custom designed 2D systems and as pioneers, have introduced real-time 3D imaging technology to the market. Due to their modularity, each Femtonic microscope meets the researcher’s own needs and can be customized to fit a wide variety of biological applications. The microscopes are used by the multidisciplinary team to continuously test the scientific applicability of the new developments.


Not only is DoMaSe the Main distributor for Femtonics microscopes, DoMaSe is currently involved in the coordination of a water purification project / coordination of novel drug research to Industry. Various other projects are lined up for 2018.

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