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EXMI Technology GmbH is manufacturer of EXMI-products .The EXMI-Technology ( Extracorporeal magnetic innervation) is based on pulsed and focused magnetic fields (neuromodulation). Neocontrol (the magnetic chair) is a system for the treatment of many pelvic floor disfunctions such as: urine and feces incontinence, incontinence after radical prostatectomie, pelvic pain, erectile disfunction and other sexual disturbances, cistitis interstitialis and much more. It is a noninvasive , painless and very effective therapie, being the only available technology that penetrates the pelvic floor up to 7.5 cm deep. The other products: Neotone table and Neotone hand held device are used in orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation and sports medicine. The EXMI is FDA approved for: incontinence , prevention or retardation of muscle disuse atrophy, relaxation of muscle spasms, increasing blood floow circulation, muscle re-education, maintaining or increasing range of motion,immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis.

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