Transaroll Silverboard - Standard

Transatlantic Handelsgesellschaft Stolpe & Co. mbH (Neu-Anspach - DE)

Why a roll board?

Roll boards play an important part in many areas of healthcare. They are being used wherever dependent people need to be transferred and moved a lot, for example in clinics, radiologies or nursing homes. We launched the first roll boards in Germany over 30 years ago. All our roll board models are the result of continuous re-development and improvement, and have been tested and approved by many professionals in the field. Discover the solution best suited for your needs. 

What makes the Transaroll Silverboard special?

The new core of the Transaroll Silverboard consists of one piece of polyethylene is is therfore very stable and has a carrying capacity of up to 350 kg. The robust nylon fabric ensures highest gliding properties and therfore the most comfortable and hygienic patient transfer of all times. 


  • Radiolucent
  • Max endurance 350 kg; with Transa gliding cover max. endurance 300 kg
  • Ideal for obese patients
  • The only board able to lift a patient
  • No corners, ridges, gaps or hinges
  • No screws, magnetic pieces or plastic parts
  • No trailing edges (highest hygienic safety)
  • Antibacterial coating (of the Silver Cover)
  • Can be cleaned with all common disinfectants

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