Sat-TV - DS13 PRO | Large Maritime TV Antenna

EPAK GmbH (Leipzig - DE)

Maritime TVRO antenna for seamless TV reception with 130 cm diameter dish and 3-axis motion system.

EPAK DS13 PRO provides a strong signal for TV and HDTV channels on a very wide footprint, being compatible with most leading satellite providers in the world. The automated tracking system guarantees best signal quality even during extremely tilted positions and rough sea movement. The DS13 is a state-of-the-art television system for medium and large vessels travelling far distances.

Enjoy the quality of on-board television entertainment in High-Definition, in your language & wherever you are. With our Diversity Kit, you can avoid blind spots and signal interruptions for a flawless and relaxing television experience at sea.


Easy installation

Simple plug-and-play installation.



You can insert two local SIM cards into the antenna's control unit to access low-cost, high-speed Internet when a 3G/4G network is available.


No more blind spots

EPAK Diversity Kit combines the free line of sight ranges of two antennas in one bundle. That will prevent nearly any loss of satellite signals through blockades.


Sensor-based satellite reacquisition

Instant relock feature after passing obstacles like bridges, buildings, trees etc.


All your favourite channels

A large variety of satellites can be remotly stored   by the user at anytime through the antenna Web Interface, allowing you to watch all your favourite TV rograms in your language.


Multi-user kit

Through connection of multi-user kits an unlimited number of TV places can be served.



- 3-axis motion system + auto skew

- Elevation range from -20° to +115°

- Tracking speed up to 35°/s per axis

- LTE Plug & Go SIM cards

- LEO, MEO, GEO tracking supported

- Easy to install- High-quality material for operating even under the hardest conditions

- Quattro LNB, for connecting as many receivers you want

- Unlimited azimuth range (no cable unwrap)


Here you can find all documents provided by EPAK GmbH.
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