Glen Dimplex Deutschland, Division Riedel

About Glen Dimplex Deutschland

Glen Dimplex Deutschland (GDD) is part of the international Glen Dimplex Group based in Ireland - a leading international supplier of electric heating solutions and domestic appliances.

With GDD the company combines the knowledge and expertise of the group for the development of highly efficient system solutions for the heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings, as well as commercial and industrial applications. GDD unites the group's subsidiaries based in Kalamazoo (USA), Shenyang (China), and Kulmbach. The GDD Division is managed by CEO Clemens Dereschkewitz.

With the Glen Dimplex Deutschland division, Glen Dimplex is concentrating its expertise in cooling, heating and ventilation and bundling its brands Dimplex, Riedel Kooling and Koolant Kooling under one strong roof.

At its HQ in Kulmbach, Glen Dimplex has stood for expertise in heating and refrigeration for over 40 years. This is where energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems are designed by our engineers and technicians at our in-house Development department and perfected to market maturity. Products by Glen Dimplex are a byword for engineering expertise, quality and “Made in Germany” design.  Some 800 staff are employed at the sites based in Germany.

About Riedel Kooling

Riedel Kooling is an innovative manufacturer of cooling systems and has 40 years of refrigeration cycle expertise. Together with the customer, Riedel designs individual, reliable and economical solutions for cooling processes and applications for lasers, medicine, machine tools and other industrial applications. As a function and system-relevant factor, high-precision cooling solutions must be perfectly integrated into larger systems. For maximum output quality and uptime. Riedel also offers intelligent solutions for optimizing overall energy efficiency as well as systems for heat recovery.

A wide range of customized customization options are implemented on the basis of standardized products. In this way, the devices can be specially tailored to the requirements required in each case.

The world's leading manufacturers of medical technology rely on intelligent cooling systems from Riedel. Riedel is also the first choice in the laboratory and analysis area. Or when highly difficult drugs, blood or samples have to be stored in a cool place. Specialty areas include diagnostic imaging, laboratory & analysis, and medical storage.

Riedel offers a wide range of services that go well beyond delivery and commissioning with special maintenance packages to ensure that Riedel systems continue to work without problems even after many years.

Glen Dimplex Deutschland, Division Riedel
Glen Dimplex Deutschland, Division Riedel
Am Goldenen Feld 18
95326 Kulmbach
+ 49 (0) 9221 / 709-100
+ 49 (0) 9221 / 709-339
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