Virtual Fair+

Future business needs that combines virtuality and reality

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Complete your entries

Complete all your entries on our database, create your eBooth with MyTradex and place your products, services, etc. at your eBooth.


Invite your customers

Invite your network via email / telephone, to meet you on your eBooth at a defined date and fixed time.


Start interactions

  • Start your online meeting at your eBooth with your dialogue partner
  • Display and discuss all your latest news etc. Face-to-Face in real time that is GDPR compliant
  • Assist your meeting with text messages
  • Promote your live participation at a trade show and prepare all necessaries
  • Qualify customers before setting up meetings onsite - Saving you valuable time and increasing ROI

e.g. International trade fairs and exhibitions have been used since ever to:

  • increase international presence
  • launch new products & services
  • meet professionals, dealers, distributors, etc.
  • maintain existing contacts and relationships

VirtualFair+ supports you with all of the above points to strengthen and to increase your future business. The shows run a few days as VirtualFair+ runs all year round so you can conduct business ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

This unique interactive tool has been designed to further maximise your presence in international markets assisting your trade fair and exhibition business that will take your company’s showcasing capabilities to new and very exciting heights. Tradex has 20+ years of experience in this particular field, so we strongly encourage you to adapt to this approach and ultimately capitalise.

Benefits utilising VirtualFair+

  • 24 / 7 / 365 - Availability - Worldwide
  • Multiple Interaction Tools - GDPR Compliant
    • Real time Face-to-Face communication to cultivate your contacts with professionals, dealers, distributors, partners, etc.
    • Text messaging support to back up talks
    • Share of information on products and services, news, etc.
  • Coordinate your next onsite event (e.g. Arab Health, Medlab) in detail to guarantee a successful and healthy ROI
    • Arrange onsite meetings in advance so you optimise your time management
    • Prepare your customer for final negotiations at your booth
    • Pave the way for new business

Feature Summary

Application Features Tradex Tradex+ Virtual Fair+
Supplement Of Detailed Company Information
Linked To Your Company Website
Linked To Tradex App
Integration In Digital Show Floor Plans
Integrated Catalogue Listing
Facilitation Of A Callback Function
Exchange Informative Content (brochures, factsheets, etc.)
Enlarged Public Company Profile
Display Several Products (in different representations)
Share Videos (of products, interviews, etc.)
Provide Social Media
Announcement Of Trade Show Participations
Operate Multiple Virtual Booths (assigned to live events)
Interchange Text Messages (backing video calls)
Arrange/Manage Onsite Meetings (event scheduler)
Arrange Video Calls (with several invitees/members)