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Promote your company 24/7/365 on Tradex+ and Virtual Fair. Share product and service pictures, videos, detailed descriptions and downloadable catalogues on a media-rich profile. Add social media links and personalized team contact information to your profile to gain direct contact with customers, partners and distributors from around the world.

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Tradex+ Membership Benefits

Virtual Fair

Promote your company on the Virtual Fair, before, during and for months after the event

  • Promote your company, products and services via a free online trade show map directly linked to your Tradex+ profile
  • Be found by existing and potential customers, distributors and partners worldwide in real time before, during and after the trade show
  • Virtual Fair lets you attract more interest and exposure to your business by offering detailed information about your company, products and services via a free, online trade show map
  • Enhance your customer interaction. Reach potential sales targets with:
    • downloadable product catalogues
    • brochures
    • product photos, videos and detailed information
    • visual demonstration videos
  • Engage your audience with integrated social media links and personalized team contact information

Networking Platform

Increase your reach & stay connected with distributors, dealers, partners and customers

  • Stay connected with distributors, dealers, partners and customers - 24/7/365
  • Reach visitors before the trade show, inviting them to check your latest products and services available on your Tradex+ page
  • Gain exposure from our international marketing campaigns, highlighting Tradex+ and Virtual Fair at exhibitions worldwide
  • Increase your reach by accessing contact information from registered distributors, dealers and partners through Tradex Connect
  • Schedule business appointments and meetings and generate sales leads

Prime Advantages

Profit with preferred offerings from our partners across our portfolio and network

  • Profit with preferred offerings from our partners across the Tradex network in travel, accommodations, logistics, media, business and legal consultancy
  • Generate additional business contacts with an enhanced Tradex+ company profile
  • Obtain exclusive access to show registration before the general release
  • Allow your target group to connect with you 24/7/365 even if they don’t attend a trade show
  • SEO incorporation within your profile for improved visibility


Selected partners help you organize your business needs around trade shows

Selected partners who are highly specialized in business consultancy, design/architecture/mounting, legal consultancy, media promotions, travel-accommodation and much more, will help you meet your business' trade show management needs

  • Air Travel
  • Design, Architecture and Mounting
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Travel + Accommodation
  • Main Exhibition Organisers
449.00 € / year
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Feature Summary

Application Features Tradex Tradex+ Virtual Fair+
Supplement Of Detailed Company Information
Linked To Your Company Website
Linked To Tradex App
Integration In Digital Show Floor Plans
Integrated Catalogue Listing
Facilitation Of A Callback Function
Exchange Informative Content (brochures, factsheets, etc.)
Enlarged Public Company Profile
Display Several Products (in different representations)
Share Videos (of products, interviews, etc.)
Provide Social Media
Announcement Of Trade Show Participations
Operate Multiple Virtual Booths (assigned to live events)
Interchange Text Messages (backing video calls)
Arrange/Manage Onsite Meetings (event scheduler)
Arrange Video Calls (with several invitees/members)