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Make your company visible in more than 12 life science fairs in MEA and APAC.
Tradex+ is our premium service package that saves you time and money while getting your product in front of the right people.
Tradex+ Membership benefits
Our business is to help you succeed. To meet the goal we have created Tradex+, a package of services refined from over 15 years in the MEA and APAC regions. Let us give you the best trade fair experience there is.
Virtual Fair
Be shown on the virtual floor plan, before, during and for 10 month after the show.
Networking through Tradex
15 years in the MEA and APAC regions means we know your audience. Let us connect you!
  • Private on-site Tradex+ lounge
  • On-call staff
Get your product samples, booth decorations and marketing materials there on time, without risk.
  • Special booth setup assistance
  • Logistic discounts available
Special discounts for Tradex+ members
  • 10% discount on selected flights
  • Discounts on accomodations
  • Discounts on marketing materials
449 € / year
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Tradex+ Logo
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