Brasil Set of 2

TOGU GmbH (Prien-Bachham - DE)

The TOGU Brasil - made in Germany - the small, handy deep muscle trainer.

What does the application do?
The TOGU Brasil give a targeted movement feedback (shaking effect) through its intelligent filling of air and weight. The deep muscle trainer for health and figure causes on the one hand a tightening of the tissue and strengthening of the deep muscles. On the other hand, the TOGU Brasil are ideal for preventive back training.

How do they work?
The TOGU Brasil meet all requirements for an effective abdominal-legs-buttocks training and for a modern back and health training. With the handy product from the house of TOGU, the deep musculature is purposefully stressed in small training units. In targeted exercises where the Brasil is shaken in small movement amplitudes, a reflexive tension of the entire torso can be achieved through the special filling. You get an optimal movement feedback and work additionally joint-friendly due to the ideal size and the low own weight (200g).

"When I first had the TOGU Brasil in my hands, I immediately noticed the low dead weight and the special filling. With a weight of 200 g each, the hand trainers fit very well in my hands and are also easy on the joints due to their ergonomic shape. Whether at home or in training, I can use the Brasil anywhere and at any time. Especially during outdoor training, the Brasil can effectively help against cold hands. Whether walking or jogging, the senso nubs stimulate my perception and also promote my blood circulation. In addition, due to their intelligent filling of air and weight, they activate my arm and trunk muscles."

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