Infant Incubator DIXION BabyGuard I-1120-series

DIXION Vertrieb medizinischer Geraete GmbH (Duesseldorf - DE)

  • The ­ first domestic parent-child mode: effectively maintaining the temperature in the incubator, supporting kangaroostyle care, reducing parents' anxiety, and facilitating newborns' physical and mental development.
  • Equipped with an embedded smart system and an Android display system. The updated PID core algorithm makes the temperature  uctuation in the incubator more uniform
  • Dual-screen display, more convenient operation External 12.1-inch TFT color touch screen, 360° adjustable angle, clearly visible from a long distance, with fast switching between multiple languages, convenient for medical sta‑ to observe and operate
  • Night mode can be set to reduce the impact of light stimulation on newborns. Built-in 5.6-inch color LCD screen, with display function of incubator temperature, skin temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration
  • The high-temperature steam humidi­ cation method is used to kill most of the common pathogenic bacteria in the water tank, greatly reducing the risk of infection. The front drawer-type water tank can be taken out by medical sta‑ as a whole to clean and disinfect without dead ends
  • Triple independent over-temperature protection, multi-channel sensor monitoring, and timely activation of audio & visual alarm provide multiple safety protections
  • Brushless DC motor is used to eectively reduce the noise in the incubator (≤45dB (A)) and provides a comfortable treatment environment
  • The X-ray cassette can be placed under the bassinet, eliminating the need to move the newborns and reducing the risk of infection.

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