Anesthesia Workstation Practice 3800 Advanced

DIXION Vertrieb medizinischer Geraete GmbH (Duesseldorf - DE)

Safe, stable and efficient anesthesia management.

  • The characteristic breathing circuit is made of alloy, resistant to corrosion and can withstand repeated high temperature and high pressure sterilization.
  • Adjustable angle, easy to install, many user-friendly designs make maintenance easier.
  • The integrated heating system with a better thermal conductivity of alloy help prevent condensation and make patients feel more comfortable.
  • APL with fast release pressure, the upper pressure limit is accurately adjustable, avoiding repeated operations and improving anesthesia efficiency.
  • The Breathing Ciucuit has CO2 bypass function.
  • Practice 3800A has a minimum tidal volume of 10ml in volume control mode, in addition to possessing the PCV-VG and BIVENT ventilation mode, helping to achieve the precise low tidal volume required during lung protective ventilation.

Individualized PEEP titration tool

  • Stress index (SI) monitoring helps with Individualized PEEP titration. Through the guidance of the Static PV loop tool, the appropriate setting of PEEP value and tidal volume are realized

Digital Flowmeter with ECO-Optimizer

  • Digital Flowmeter makes fresh gas flow setting easier and more precise.
  • The ECO-Optimizer indicates the recommended fresh gas flow setting according to the setting value and the minimum O2 needed of the patient. It enables a safe Low Flow, and reduces the waste of anesthetic agents and medical gases

Minimized impact recruitment maneuver

  • Two types recruitment maneuvers: stepwise PEEP or sustained inflation.
  • Automate repetitive tasks used during lung ventilation procedures.
  • Enhanced monitoring and clinical tools
  • In addition to traditional monitoring parameters, special monitoring parameters, such as Driving Pressure(DP), are provided to guide clinicians in adjusting ventilation parameters.
  • Spirometry loops can be stored for future reference, a [lowing clinicians the ability to better understand changes in the patient’ s response to therapy.
  • Provide multiple of cardiopulmonary bypass modes (CBP) to assist in the implementation of cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.
  • Continuous trend information together with time discrete events are stored and shown in the table or chart.
  • Provides medical gas consumption calculations: including O2, NzO and Agent. And provide calculations of CO2 production.

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