Emergency Suction Pump DIXION Vacus 7209

DIXION Vertrieb medizinischer Geraete GmbH (Duesseldorf - DE)

The model Emergency Suction Pump Vacus 7209 is a portable AC/DC suction unit. This device is able to extract different types of secretion: fluid, blood, vomit substance impeding breathing. Vacus 7209 is applied for patients who have undergone tracheostomy or have their trachea blocked. It’s also possible to use Vacus 7209 during transportation due to the built-in battery and electric car adapter.


  • Oil-free two-piston compressor of high performance does not require constant maintenance.
  • Ability to work from three different power sources: AC power, car board network through an adapter and a “lighter”, built-in rechargable battery (30 minutes battery life).
  • Availability of following indicators: charge/discharge battery (green, yellow, red), turn on.
  • Ability to charge the battery even while working from AC power.
  • The capacity with a safety valve provides ease of maintenance and use as well as protects the compressor from getting the secret.
  • Air filter prevents release of infectious agents into the environment.
  • Hoses and connectors are made of transparent non-toxic polymer and are easy to use and to disinfect.
  • Vacuum operating is controlled with a regulator and a button on the panel located near the built-in manometer for better control of the vacuum level.
  • Ability to mount additional suction jars of 1 or 2 liters.
  • Turning off or on of the extractor is made by pressing a remote button.

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