Open Reanimation System BabyGuard W-1145

DIXION Vertrieb medizinischer Geraete GmbH (Duesseldorf - DE)

  • 8-inch LCD color touch screen
  • Three temperature control modes: pre-warm mode, manual mode and baby mode servo control
  • Masimo SpO2 pulse oximetry function to measure blood oxygenand pulse effectively during motion and low perfusion* (optional)
  • The horizontal angle of warmer module is adjustable, which is convenient for clinical care
  • Electric tilting system conveniently adjusts the angle of the bed, and the transition is smoother
  • The transparent panels surrounded bassinet can be turned downward or disassembled
  • Dovetail shape column from both sides for installing more medical devices
  • X-ray cassette under the bassinet lntegrated observation lamp is adjustable to reduce the impact of light stimulation on newborns
  • Foldable tray, easy to put aside without dismantlement
  • Independent over-temperature protection system, multiple failure alarm indications to provide multiple safety protection
  • APGAR timer
  • Hands-free alarm silence, Non-contact alarm mute function to maintain a clean and quiet nursing environment (optional)
  • Bilirubin phototherapy treatment function, LED light source, effective lifespan 50000 hours (optional)
  • Low pressure aspiration function, T-piece resuscitation function and air/oxygen blender function (optional)
  • Built-in weighing system to conveniently measure the weight of children and monitor the trend of weight changes (optional)
  • RS232 connector to support data transmission

Standard Configuration

Warmer module, controller, skin temperature sensor, bassinet, tray, IV pole, stand, electric tilting system, drawers

Optional Configuration

SPO2 pulse oximetry monitoring device, phototherapy unit, low pressure aspirator, T-piece resuscitator, air/oxy[1]gen blender, air and oxygen cylinder, weighing system, hands-free alarm silence, VHA stand, observation lamp.

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