Aquarius 3

Diatron MI Zrt. (Budapest - HU)


With a sleek, new modern design, the Aquarius 3 interface offers a positive touch and feeling, with all actions designed to increase efficiency, saving time to perform other important tasks. 


The combination of technology and simplicity gives all the required information, reducing the unnecessary steps to a minimum whilst maintaining the balance between cost and benefit for patients and users alike. 


The new Aquarius 3 software features a high level of patient management and workflow optimization to avoid repetition whilst only having a small reagent consumption. 
The Aquarius 3 is the ideal analyzer for you to take your workflow to the highest level of competence. 


The new QR code printed on the reagent label, along with our long-established hard key, gives full protection from the use of non-Diatron reagents on the system. 
All critical parameters of our reagents are fully validated prior to release. Our reagents are highly stable, offering a shelf life of up to 48 months from the date of manufacture and up to 120 days of onboard stability. 
The combination of Diatron reagents and Diatron analyzers ensure the optimal system performance and quality of results. 

Here you can find all documents provided by Diatron MI Zrt..
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