BonOs Inject

OSARTIS GmbH (Münster - DE)

BonOs® Inject is a PMMA bone cement that is specifically adapted for spine surgery.

The cement is suitable for the fixation and filling of symptomatic vertebral compression fractures, vertebral tumors and vertebral hemangioma as well as for the augmentation of pedicle screws* where bone quality is poor, e.g. in patients with osteoporosis or degenerative or neoplastic changes.


BonOs® Inject is a radiopaque, injectable bone cement, characterized by its optimal combination of a short mixing period, a long working time and excellent mechanical properties.

During the mixing phase, the powder and liquid components of BonOs® Inject quickly mix together into a homogenous, ductile paste. After a short waiting period, the cement reaches an ideal viscosity for application. During the application phase BonOs® Inject is injected with a suitable viscosity which reduces the risk of cement leakage.

The unique cement formulation guarantees an optimized long application time, minimizing time pressure during application.

The viscosity of BonOs® Inject allows it to be used in combination with standard mixing and application systems for use of PMMA bone cements for spinal applications.

BonOs® Inject contains the radiopacifier zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), which allows a safe application and a good visibility of the bone cement under x-ray.

*not for the USA

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