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The global choice for hand therapy

Boredom with finger-hand rehabilitation? Not with AMADEO®! Motivation in the course of therapy is just as essential as fingers and hands are for daily life. Regardless of whether it is an adult or child, AMADEO® increases therapeutic ambition with sophisticated software and robotics. Utilizing a playful gamification approach, AMADEO® visualizes and records the smallest successes in all phases of rehabilitation. AMADEO® is simply unique.

AMADEO® in brief

  • Robotics and sensor-based rehabilitation devices for use with either hand
  • Assistive and interactive therapies for individual fingers and thumbs movements
  • Patients can be set-up quickly and easily
  • Arm supports can be changed quickly
  • Can be used by adults and children in all rehabilitation phases
  • Can be used by patients with spasticity, or those with high tone
  • Objective assessments and reports
  • 4 assessment programs (strength, ROM, tone, spasticity)
  • Sensation and individual movement therapy
  • CPM Plus, EMG, spasticity treatment

Did you know?

AMADEO® is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart because disciplined finger training on a piano made him a world-class musician. AMADEO® won’t make you a pianist but the principle behind this therapy is the same: practice makes perfect!

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