Accutron HP-D

MEDTRON AG (Saarbrücken - DE)



The Accutron HP-D is a double syringe contrast delivery system designed for precise injection of contrast media and saline in angiography procedures at high pressures.

Particularly suitable for 3D angiography and Cone Beam CT due in part to its multiple phase capability and contrast concentration adjustment by simultaneous saline injection and its 180° swivel-mounted monitor which allows the user to operate it from both sides of the OR table. It can also synchronize wirelessly with the angiography systems using a specialized OEM interface.

Accutron HP-D can also be operated as a single head injector, making it adaptable to all types of imaging protocols, for both diagnostic and interventional procedures. In addition to working with angiography procedures in “angio mode”, the Accutron HP-D offers a standard pressure “CT mode” for intravenous use in hybrid CT procedures in the angiography suite.

Clinical Improvements

  • Reduces beam hardening artifacts through flexible adjustment of contrast concentration using saline
  • Cleanly defined & reproducible contrast media bolus’ can be achieved by pushing contrast media with a saline bolus

Operating Improvements

  • Wireless and mobile configuration provides flexibility to quickly change examination rooms and eliminates barriers; such as nearby power requirements and/or cable installation
  • Integration with the scanner interface reduces workload for the operator and improves patient turnaround times

Financial Improvements

  • May reduce the amount of contrast required per patient; resulting in less operating expenses
  • Can be utilized in both Angiography and Computer tomography modes; eliminating the need to purchase an additional injector for CT

Of course, MEDTRON provides all device-specific consumables.

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