Accutron CT

MEDTRON AG (Saarbrücken - DE)



The Accutron CT is a contrast delivery system designed for computed tomography and built using the same technology platform that all Accutron injectors are based upon. Whether you are budget conscious or newly exploring the potential use of a powered injector in your CT department, Accutron CT is your starting point.

The Accutron CT doesn’t forego essential comfort and safety features; it offers a touch screen interface, an optional remote touch screen for your control room as well as a hand switch all of which is supported by our renowned injection control software technology.

Clinical Improvements

  • Provides real-time pressure monitoring which allows for improved precision and safety
  • Integrated heatable syringe holder keeps contrast media heated to body temperature providing optimal viscosity and decreased patient discomfort

Operating Improvements

  • Agile mobility with a configuration that provides flexibility to quickly change examination rooms
  • Functions with select pre-filled syringes to increase throughput via quick use and improved patient turnaround times

Financial Improvements

  • Consistent reliability helps to reduce repeat examinations due to contrast mistiming
  • Provides solid performance and price affordability in CT imaging

Of course, MEDTRON provides all device-specific consumables.

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