Accutron MR3

MEDTRON AG (Saarbrücken - DE)



The Accutron MR3 is a double syringe contrast delivery system with a third syringe acting as a dedicated infusion pump. The Accutron MR3 double syringes are designed for precise injection of contrast media and saline in MR clinical imaging including pediatric, angiography, neuro and mammography as well as other routine MR examinations. Whereas the dedicated infusion pump is intended for the slow delivery of any additional or necessary medications required during specific MR examinations. This includes heart stimulating medication for cardiac stress tests or examinations requiring pain control or light sedation to aid the completion of the imaging procedure.

The Accutron MR3 is the first of its kind, combining well-established wireless mobility and intuitive user operations from our Accutron product technology. This includes protocol creation & storage, pre-filled syringe compatibility and Keep Vein Open functionality combined with the latest application-specific software, such as MPRO Assist. Accutron MR3 offers comprehensive control and maintains user-friendliness during your most demanding procedures.

Clinical Improvements

  • The integrated infusion pump enables simultaneous administration of additional medication needed by some patients to undergo MRI examination
  • Enables your clinical application expansion into pharmacological Cardiac MRI stress tests

Operating Improvements

  • Wireless and mobile configuration provides flexibility by eliminating barriers; such as nearby power requirements and/or cable installations
  • Functions with select pre-filled syringes to increase throughput via quick use and improved patient turnaround times

Financial Improvements

  • Integrated infusion pump eliminates the need to purchase a separate MR compatible infusion device
  • Wireless and mobile configuration without power requirements and/or cable installations reduces costly installation expenses

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