KKT chillers / ait-deutschland GmbH (Kasendorf - DE)

1,7 - 6,5 KW


With the small but robust stand-alone chillers from the Nano Line, KKT chillers takes the heat off your industrial cooling needs.
The easy-to-read level indicator reliably indicates the min. and max. levels of the coolant.
Preassembled lifting rings ensure easy transport.
Equipped with a programmable control module, every nBoxX enables high temperature stability of the cooling medium.
Therefore, the chillers of the Nano-Line represent the all-round solution
for a large variety of applications in the 1.7 - 6.5 kW power range.


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  • Overflow valve for free adjustment of the pressure in the water circuit
  • Tank level switch for monitoring the water level in the tank „Dry running protection of the pump“
  • Flow switch - adjustable flow monitoring (minimum permissible flow)
  • Error indication on the display
  • Temperature difference control - freely adjustable flow temperature via display
  • Wire labeling
  • Potential-free indicator for collective fault message


  • Hot gas bypass to improve the temperature accuracy to +/- 1K
  • Harting plug for power supply and single alarm
  • Aluminium air filter kit
  • Castors
  • Contact for remote control


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