Coat for Allround X-Ray-Protection Synergy RA632

MAVIG GmbH (München - DE)

This patented X-ray protection coat achieves outstanding ratings in terms of weight and radiation protection, allowing you to tackle your daily work without stress. Safety, freedom of movement and back relief were the focus during its development.

Reduction of the weight burden on the spinal column due the elastic belt Easy to put on due to hook & burr fastener at chest hight Shoulder pads as standard equipment Meets all relevant regulations and requirements Complies with the specifications of DIN EN ISO 13795-1 for surgical textiles Biocompatible, phthalate-free radiation protection materials (lead components can be recycled)

Synergy 632 – All Around Protection

Heavy allround protection models lead to a considerable physical load on the user. This problem could be solved with the development of this X-ray protection coat – the patented Synergy RA632 series.

This special user comfort also includes being able to put on the apron comfortably and easily. The coat is simply closed at the chest with a hook & burr fastener and fits properly without any fuss.

An elastic belt (included) provides shoulder relief without any uncomfortable restriction. The variable snap fasteners strip permits each user to adjust the belt to his or her individual waist height. The belt can be buttoned onto the coat on one side or both sides. In the bottom area, the coat is also secured with a snap buckle fastener.

For additional relief of the weight loaded onto the shoulder area, this model can be combined with the RA Brygga® shoulder bridge.

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