Apron for Front Protection EXTENDED RA641

MAVIG GmbH (München - DE)

Up-to-date user protection for multiple applications, which can also be carried out sitting down. Ideal radiation protection in any working position.

Elastic belt to relieve the weight from the shoulders Removable gonad protection for weight reduction when standing Meets all relevant regulations and requirements Complies with the specifications of DIN EN ISO 13795-1 for surgical textiles Biocompatible, phthalate-free radiation protection materials (lead components can be recycled).

Protection Especially for Seated Activities Radiation protection aprons are already standard equipment in different departments, e.g. urology, anaesthesia, etc.. However, the currently used front protective aprons are designed for standing positions. But especially in the above mentioned departements, some interventions are performed with the operator in a seated position. This holds the risk that the gonads will be exposed to a considerably higher dose than when standing when a regular front protective apron is used.

(Horsburgh et al: “A Study of Occupational Radiation Dosimetry During Fluoroscopically Guided Simulated Urological Surgery in the Lithotomy Position”)

The main reason for this is the gap in the radiation protection that occurs due to the apron resting on the knees.

Perfect Protection against Radiation

For this purpose, a special gonad protector is attached on the inside of the apron. When sitting in front of a patient, facing forward, this protector hangs down protectively in front of the gonads, while the apron lies on the legs.

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