AMPIRMini mod. 1 Blood & IV Fluid Warmer

TahatAksi ALC (Minsk - BY)

AMPIRMini mod. 1 is a compact warming device, designed for blood, intravenous fluids and irrigation fluids to prevent and treat hypothermia and pre-, intra- and postoperative negative aftereffects. Suitable for emergency rooms, operating theatres, intensive care units, and other wards.
Could be used with Portable AmpirMini.

• Transfusion and infusion of blood
• Infusion therapy for children and adults
• Infusion of nutrient solutions through nasal or enteral probes.

Control unit:
• Clear LED display
• Easy to understand and user-friendly control board
• Separate control buttons
• Various operation modes: 
- Manual mode: the temperature is controlled between 34°С and 42°С with 0.1°С increments;
- Auto mode: temperature is maintained at 36.6°С
• Audible and visual alarms, self-diagnostics at the power-up and permanent self-testing during operation
• Indication of the current temperature
• IP23 (dust and water-resistant)

Heat exchanger:
• Duralumin heating plate: high thermal conductivity, durability and resistance to mechanical stress
• Possibility of placing one or two infusion and transfusion lines in one heat exchanger
• Flow rate up to 900 ml/h
• Infusion lines of various diameters

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