Descolind Pure

Dr. Schumacher GmbH (Malsfeld - DE)

Characteristics of sensitive skin
Sensitive skin reacts with irritation even to minor external stimuli. This is how this skin type can be recognized:

  • The hands react more sensitively to stresses such as wet work.

  • They are often dry; the skin tautens and reddens quickly.

  • The hydrolipid film is weakened; the hands look rough and flaky.


The challenge with sensitive skin
Irritation: Sensitive skin does not tolerate an excess of ingredients. At the same time, it is important to prevent further dehydration. If the skin becomes chapped, for example, unpleasant symptoms such as burning appear. Among other things, this impairs compliance with hand disinfection.


The DESCOLIND solution
Clear: The DESCOLIND PURE range does not contain any perfumes or colorants. The wash lotions contain extra-mild surfactants. The care products contain effective humectants and high-quality lipids. Users can choose between emulsion types with different levels of moisturizers.


Aim of the PURE range
Supporting the natural acid barrier through pH skin-neutral formulations.
Optimal oil and moisture supply due to high-quality humectants and lipids in various emulsion types.
Less irritation as a result of avoiding potential irritants such as fragrances and colorants.

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