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Features of allergy-prone skin
Hypersensitive, allergy-prone skin reacts to environmental influences with an exaggerated defense reaction that is hereditary. This is how this skin type can be recognized:

  • The skin is often prone to extreme dryness, combined with redness and itching.

  • There is an increased risk of developing hand eczema.

  • Contact with cleaning agents, fragrances or preservatives etc. can cause inflammatory changes.


The challenge of hypersensitive skin
Irritation: People with hypersensitive skin are often also allergy-prone, so-called atopy sufferers, usually for their entire life. The risk of inflammatory or even chronic skin disorders also remains. In hygiene-relevant professions, regular care with non-irritating products and effective protection against harmful activities are essential.


The DESCOLIND solution
Demanding: The products of the DESCOLIND EXPERT range contain particularly high-quality ingredients. They specifically avoid potential triggers of inflammation, such as fragrances, colorants and silicone. The care products have a high lipid content to counteract the extreme dryness of atopic skin. Users can choose between emulsion types with different levels of lipids and moisture, including a very effective and well-tolerated skin protection cream.


Goals of the EXPERT range

  • Avoidance of irritative, allergic reactions to irritants such as fragrances and dyes.

  • Increasing the skin's moisture retention capacity and reducing dryness.

  • Protection against the penetration of harmful substances (occupational skin protection).

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