AMPIRMini mod. 2 (with 1 external heat exchanger) Blood & IV Fluid Warmer

TahatAksi ALC (Minsk - BY)

AMPIRMini with external heat exchangers is a warming device, designed for blood, intravenous fluids and irrigation fluids to prevent and treat hypothermia and pre-, intra- and postoperative negative aftereffects. Suitable for emergency rooms, operating theaters, intensive care units, and other wards.

• Can be delivered with 1 or 2 external heat exchangers. In 2 heat exchanger version you get a more versatile device, which allows a simultaneous transfusion / infusion to 2 patients. 2 independent control boards allow making transfusions / infusions with different temperatures.
• Maintenance of the set temperature between 34 °С and 42 °С with 0.1 °С increments
• Ensuring proper and effective infusion and transfusion therapy
• Performance of the infusion therapy at a low flow rate
• Warming nutrient solutions through nasal and enteral tubes
• Quick start-up: heating to a set temperature in less than 2 min
• Economic: average power consumption - approx. 40 W/h

Control unit:
• Clear LED display
• Easy to understand and user-friendly control board
• Various operation modes: 
- Manual mode: the temperature is controlled between 34°С and 42°С with 0.1°С increments;
- Auto mode: temperature is maintained at 36.6°С
• Audible and visual alarms, self-diagnostics at the power-up and permanent self-testing during operation
• Indication of the current temperature

External heat exchanger
• Duralumin heating plate: high thermal conductivity, durability and resistance to mechanical stress
•Thanks to special belts, it can be placed close to the patient and to the infusion site, drastically reducing the risk of pulling out the catheter.
• 2 infusion systems Ø1-6 mm can be placed in one heat exchanger

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