AmpliMove medical

schwa-medico GmbH (Ehringshausen - DE)

The AmpliMove medical operates with rectangular impulses between 2000 and 10000 Hz. A significant characteristic is the pleasing aspect of stimulation in the mid-frequency range. Higher frequencies overcome the resistance of the skin, in particular that of the poorly conducting epidermis, much more efficiently and enable an effective current flow at reduced sensitivity unpleasantness. Powerful muscular contractions can be triggered and a greater treatment area realized. Particularly electrical
current muscular stimulation profits from this effect. These advantages have an effect in pain therapy with the AmpliMove medical. There arises an analgetic effect which is attained via a low frequency modulation of the carrier frequency. The positive characteristics of the mid-frequency electrostimulation remain thereby preserved.

The AmpliMove medical operates with amplitude modulation within the device (not like interference current).The mid-frequency alternating current serves as a carrier from two possible modulations which are independent of each other: A low frequency modulation with a frequency range of 1 - 100 Hz. The effect of these frequencies differs in respect to those generated by TENS without the mid-frequency carrier wave. But general experience gained from low frequency effects can be transferred in respect of their analgetic and muscular stimulating effects.

An overlapping envelope curve modulation, by which in addition, the ramp, working and pause phases are specified. This modulation prevents premature fatigue, especially of the striated musculature.

Filed of application
Treatment or prevention of inactivity atrophy (painful, pain-related, posttraumatic and post-operative immobility, patients subjects to low level physical exertion), muscular training in general.

Therapy programs
The 30 programs are indication related. The parameters can be changed according to requirements and own programs can also be written. Most programs are divided into several sequences. The programs are divided in the following categories:

  • Muscle Stimulation
  • Pain Management
  • Incontinence Programs
  • Tissue Nutrition
  • Dynamic Stimulation


  • Battery or mains circuit operation
  • 2 channel unit
  • Color display
  • Programs defined for each indication
  • Free programming possibility
  • Display of electrodes positions
  • Software in English, French and German (state 2013)

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