VSAT - DSi9 Ku | Maritime Internet Antenna

EPAK GmbH (Leipzig - DE)

Maritime VSAT antenna with 90 cm dish size and 3-axis motion system for Ku-Band services.

The DSi9 Ku PRO employs state-of-the-art technology and is our most sought VSAT antenna in Ku-band. With the latest generation of tracking technology the DSi9 Ku PRO represents the perfect solution for all requirements of a reliable and fast internet on any type of maritime vessel.

EPAK designs and builds VSAT antennas to work even in the harshest weather conditions at sea. Only top quality materials are used and manufacturing is done in-house, observing  tight quality control regulations and safety norms.

The result is a robust and rugged stabilized antenna system with high tracking accuracy. In short, the perfect solution for those who venture into the open seas without wanting to give up a stable and fast internet connection.

The DSi9 Ku PRO reaches excellent tracking performance under the hardest maritime motion profile "Class A", defined by Global VSAT Forum and Fraunhofer Institute.


Remote Management Access

Access, monitor and control the DSi9 Ku PRO from any location in the world  or set up an automated system diagnostics including event logging. 


Web Interface

EPAK VSAT antennas feature an embedded webserver to provide a web user interface for making configurations and accessing live data from the antenna for simplified troubleshooting and monitoring performance.



You can insert two local SIM cards into the antenna’s control unit to access low-cost, highspeed Internet when a 3G/4G network is available.


Automatic Satellite Acquisition

The acquisition of the satellite is completely automated by DVB-S2-Receiver and Modem confirmation.


Diversity Kit Compatibility

No more blind spots by combining the free line of sight ranges of two antennas in one bundle. That will prevent nearly any loss of satellite signals through blockades.


Solid Hardware

Improved hardware reliability against sea conditions.



- 3-axis motion system + auto skew

- Range movement from -15° to +120°- Tracking speed up to 50°/s

- LTE Plug & Go SIM cards

- LEO, MEO, GEO tracking supported

- Easy to install- 90 cm dish for high-quality signal reception and transmission

- Electronically switchable in x-pol and  co-pol operation

- Compatible with most modems

- Ku-Band / Ka-Band convertible

- VoIP optional


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