LAPARO Apex VR - Mixed Reality Laparoscopic Simulator

3B Scientific GmbH (Hamburg - DE)

  • Combines both physical training and VR
  • Provides a detailed analysis of parameters used such as : traffic management, smooth movement, tool activity, tool visibility in the operating field and tool work symmetry
  • User and administrative accounts
  • Creation of training groups e.g. network group work with a mentoring position
  • 27” touch screen computer
  • Training on real laparoscopic instruments 

Training Analysis 

  • Proficiency-based laparoscopic training
  • Highest measuring precision
  • Analysis of 13 parameters simultaneously: time, fluidity and economy of movement, instrument activity & visibility, hand coordination
  • Additional advanced monitoring of errors during training procedures made in virtual reality
  • Ability to recreate the full trajectory of the movement
  • Debriefing view to see errors presented on the timeline
  • Learning curve analysis 

Adjustable track vision

  • Camera can be shifted  and placed  it in 1 of 8 slots with a magic arm
  • Electronically adjustable camera: 0°, 30°, 45° and from 0° to 70° with a knob
  • Focus ring with electronically adjustable brightness
  • Precise fixation in a given position
  • Possibility to work with an assistant without the use of fixation
  • Full HD (1920x1080) camera resolution zoom 

Real instruments

  • Training in virtual reality conditions and on physical modules is performed on real clinical tools with embedded sensors
  • Close-to-reality experience while training laparoscopic procedures on clinical instruments

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