Lancetts (Blood & Allergy)

Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf GmbH (Hamburg - DE)

Blood and allergy lancets


What are lancets?

Basically, we distinguish between blood lancets and allergy lancets.

Blood lancets are usually used on the fingertip, ear or heel and are used to gently draw capillary blood. The emerging drop of blood is usually fed into an analysis procedure, e.g. for glucose determination.

Allergy lancets are primarily used to diagnose allergy-related diseases with the help of prick or scratch tests. Here, the skin is merely scratched with the very fine tip. Allergy lancets are also used to gently draw blood from babies or small children.



What distinguishes our selection of blood and allergy lancets?

Our blood and allergy lancets are made of stainless chrome steel and are nickel-free. Each lancet is individually sterile-packed so they are quick and easy to use by hand. The blood lancet ensures excellent blood flow. It also has an approx. 2.9 mm long, asymmetrical tip, which simplifies blood collection. The tip of the allergy lancet is particularly fine at approx. 0.9 mm. This prevents unwanted bleeding.

All lancets have a transparent sealing foil. This offers optimal safety when unpacking, as the tip is visible.



Please note:

- Only suitable for single use

- Store at a temperature of 15-30°C, with a relative humidity of 40-70%.

- The blood lancets are gamma sterilised and sterile according to DIN EN 556-1.


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