AGU Baby AG + Montex CH

AGU smart system


Innovative technologies have changed baby care dramatically. AGU means more comfort for the child, easier life for the parents and new opportunities to improve and enrich everyday life. Ergonomic, practical, intuitive to use and easy-to-care for product with application solutions simplifies daily procedures and assures full enjoyment at every level.

AGU – advanced growing up.


The mission of the brand Prolife™ - to improve the quality of life of people, making available health monitoring for all. We believe that the main values in people's lives are health, as well as mutual love and care.

Prolife™ was created in 2013 by Montex Swiss AG, an international expert in the field of medical devices. It has been scientifically proven that quality and longevity directly depend on how a person monitors their health. Developing technologies allowed people to independently control the main indicators of their well-being at home. The company Montex Swiss AG has set itself the task of creating a brand that would best meet the needs of consumers, which is that health control has become even more accessible.

AGU Baby AG + Montex CH
AGU Baby AG + Montex CH
Oberneuhofstrasse 3
6340 Baar
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