Biomedical B. Baumann GmbH

BioMedical B. Baumann GmbH are Experts in Hyaluronic Acids !

Our medical devices benefit from 30 years of experience in production specialised in Hyaluronic Acids (HA) for diverse medical applications like intra-articular, ophthalmic and aesthetic.

BioMedical B. Baumann preparations offer highest viscoelasticity that guarantees best possible therapeutic effciency.

Our manufacturing place in Sweden is both ISO13485 and GMP certified and all our medical devices are CE certified. Our preparations are clinically recognised as extremely efficient in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Studies at two Universities devoted to hyaluronic acids (HA) research showed that ViscoPlus Gel® and ViscoPlus matrix® resemble mostly quality of synovial fluid of all world wide recognised HA's. ViscoPlus Gel® and ViscoPlus matrix® offer most optimal and highest viscoelasticity all HA Hydrogels.

Combination of a very fast responsiveness already at "lowest" movements/pressure in the joints with no reported side-effects makes our preparations extremely promissing in therapeutical effect.

Patients would appreciate ViscoPlus !!! (Gel & Matrix)




Biomedical B. Baumann GmbH
Biomedical B. Baumann GmbH
Frankfurter Str. 38
63110 Rodgau
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