DEV Systemtechnik GmbH

DEV Systemtechnik GmbH

DEV Systemtechnik  develops, produces and distributes with a small, highly specialized team for more than 25 years systems for electrical and optical RF signal transmission as well as signal management for satellite earth stations, governmental institutions and communications network operators.

Customers in more than 100 countries trust DEV systems to reliably provide satellite-based communications and data services of all kinds.

DEV is Germany‘s leading specialist for RF routing, RF signal management and RF signal transmission over fiber and coaxial cable.


  • RF Signal Management

Matrix switches up to 128 x 128 in one system
  - combining and distributing solutions
  - optional LNB powering, spectrum analyzer
Redundancy switches
Bidirectional switches
VSAT systems
Frequency ranges up to 18 GHz


  • RF over Fiber

Modular indoor and outdoor solutions
CATV-Band, extended L-Band, 6.5 GHz
Switches, splitter, combiner
EDFA, CWDM & DWDM multiplexer
Tailored optical delay lines, latency compensation


  • RF Signal Distribution

Splitter and combiner for L-Band and CATV-Band
Managed RF distribution amplifiers
Active and passive RF products
LNB powering
Loss compensation and redundancy options

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DEV Systemtechnik GmbH
DEV Systemtechnik GmbH
Gruner Weg 4A
61169 Friedberg
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