Edwin Ma

CREEWEE NEW MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (CREEWEE NEW MATERIALS) is a leading manufacturer of high-temperature special pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in Dongguan City, Guangdong China since 2006.


The factory is currently equipped with three coating production lines with different functions, the widest effective width is 1.6m, the equipment has high coating precision, engaged in producing various kinds of Industrial tapes for High Temp. Polyimide Label, Gold plating, Surface protection, splicing and etc.


We have 6000 square feet Class 1000 dust-free workshop, our factories passed ISO 9001 certificates. All materials and products passed RoHS. We use the advanced new raw materials, strict process control and product testing processes to ensure product quality. Especially high-temperature adhesives established a leading position in the China New Enegry market in the last 15 years.


Thermal Management Tapes, Flame-retardant Tapes (UL 94VTM-0), high-temperature electrical insulating adhesives, surface shielding protective tapes, double-sided tapes, and CMOS image sensor protect tapes. Our tapes be applied to: Electronic, Mobile Phones, Home Appliances, New Energy industry etc.


Edwin Ma
Edwin Ma
No.79, Muyu Road, Shatou Community,, Chang'an Town, Dongguan
523861 Dongguan
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