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For over 30 years, ergoline has been a leading global provider of high-quality, durable ergometers in the medical field and cardiac rehabilitation systems. By now, more than 60,000 ergoline ergometers are in use in physicians' practices, clinics, sports medicine centers and rehabilitation facilities worldwide.

Absolute quality is first priority at ergoline. Only in this way can we fully and completely earn the trust of the users of our devices. ergoline offers the comprehensive security of a globally recognized brand known for technical perfection and long service life. It is our declared corporate goal to manufacture and market long-lasting products at the highest level of quality using both economical and ecological processes characterized by top precision, performance and reliability.

In addition to ergonomic design requirements and the demand for reliability, durability and precision, our users commonly request customized functions. Every ergoline product is the result of a lot of know-how, development work, and attention to detail. Before our equipment moves to series production, our development team fine-tunes design and engineering concepts for months to create a high-quality medical device that meets the highest demands.

“Made in Germany” is not just a quality seal for ergoline, but represents the promise to meet the highest standards of quality, precision and longevity – all ergometers are developed and produced exclusively at our company headquarters in Bitz (Baden–Württemberg).

ergoline maintains a large network of regional partners who assist our customers with consultation, order processing and service, both nationally and internationally. All over the world, leading manufacturers of ECG and ergospirometry systems have integrated our ergometers (sometimes under their own name) for years in their measuring systems, illustrating their trust in our quality, state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design.

A comprehensive quality assurance system certified according to DIN ISO 13485 ensures that only reliably functioning systems are delivered. Each ergometer undergoes tight quality control during production. For instance, the accuracy of the load control is ensured and documented with highly precise, calibrated test benches.


ergoline GmbH
ergoline GmbH
Lindenstrasse 5
72475 Bitz
+49 7431 9894 0
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