Faromed GmbH Medizintechnik

Faromed is bringing light into darkness!
"Faro" means beacon or lighthouse, "Med" is the short form of Medicine.

Light for medicine, that is what Faromed stands for.

In 1920 company EFFNER started to produce and sell hand held diagnostic instruments.
In addition the brand EFFNER became well known for excellent know how in development
and production of special miniature lamps which were needed for the own instruments
as well as custom-made products for brands all over the world.
By taking over the product lines of the diagnostic instruments and lamps (bulbs) from EFFNER-Biomed, the
company Faromed GmbH was founded.

Faromed is supplying high-quality devices, instruments, accessories and replacement lamps all over the world.

Sales program:

Special spare lamps and accessories for medical use

Head lights (LED, fibre optic, ...)

Light sources for fiber optics

Nystagmus goggles

ENT and Laparoscopy accessories

Larygoscopes (speciality: prematures and babies)

Proctology and Gynecology instruments

Thermal Cauteries 

Fiber optic cables

Faromed GmbH Medizintechnik
Faromed GmbH Medizintechnik
Saalmannstr. 9
13403 Berlin
+49-172 391 18 93
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