IMAGE Information Systems Europe GmbH

IMAGE Information Systems from Germany develops and implements convenient enterprise PACS and RIS solutions which are deployed in over 100 countries and 10,000 sites worldwide.

With special emphasis on Modern Radiology Workflow, IMAGE’s product portfolio covers Patient and Referring Physician Portal, Teleradiology solutions, Cloud PACS, WEB RIS, VNA solution, Zero-footprint and Thick client DICOM Viewers, Web-based 3D Visualization, Image Distribution and Routing over slow data lines, Complementary products in DICOM Network, as well as MED-TAB for superior portable image analysis. MED-TAB is the world’s first DICOM calibrated portable workstation. It was developed for continuous high-quality, incredibly precise radiology image access from any location.

IMAGE Information Systems Europe GmbH
IMAGE Information Systems Europe GmbH
Lange Str. 16
18055 Rostock
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