Founded in 1982, Immucor is a global leader of transfusion and transplantation diagnostics. For transfusions,
Immucor offers the broadest line of serological products, NEO Iris® and Echo Lumena® including traditional and
unique specialty reagents, Capture® technology, and Scalable Solutions for automating immunohematology
testing. Our BioArray/PreciseType molecular immunohematology assays provide state-of-the-art technology
for pre-transfusion compatibility testing. For transplants, our LIFECODES products and MIA FORA deliver
highly accurate testing solutions for donor-patient compatibility. We are also leading the way in post-transplant
monitoring with our innovative antibody and molecular assays that detect early signs of rejection. Finally, our
specialty diagnostic solutions for platelet transfusion testing and hemostasis provide important diagnostic
information for today’s modern laboratories.

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30071 Norcross, GA
United States of America
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