Immundiagnostik AG

Immundiagnotik AG, founded in 1986 by Dr. F. P. Armbruster (CEO), is specialised on the development, production, and world-wide distribution of innovative parameters and detection methods for laboratory diagnostics and medical research. Focused on the development of immunological tools, of HPLC and molecular biology methods, and of new applications for mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), IDK concentrates on the development and production of laboratory diagnostics( from screening to monitoring). IDK holds a strong portfolio in markers of cardio-reno-vascular system, skeletal system, oxidative stress/anti-aging, gastroenterology and nutrition. The company owns more than 35 patents worldwide.

Immundiagnostik AG
Immundiagnostik AG
Stubenwald-Allee 8a
64625 Bensheim
0049 6251 701 900
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