medical ECONET GmbH

The roots of medical Econet GmbH long back to the year 1997. As European headquarter of company “Kretz Technic AG, Zipf / Austria, our office was located in Dorsten, on the edge of the River-Ruhr-Area.

In present days we are an independent company and have established ourselves as a qualified manufacturer and supplier of medical products, successful in national and international sales.

In February 2013, we moved our headquarters to a new, modern building complex in Oberhausen / NRW.

With our high quality and innovative medical devices, medical Econet GmbH recorded a steadily increasing demand in Germany, Europe and many other regions around the world.

Medical supply specialists, hospitals, clinics, midwives, therapists and many other therapeutically active groups rely on our experience and our professionalism.

Our aim is to constantly extend and improve our product range of diagnostic devices and imaging systems. The needs and wishes of our customers we always raise perceived as inspiration for new developments and implemented successfully for many years.

medical ECONET GmbH
medical ECONET GmbH
Im Erlengrund 16
46149 Oberhausen
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