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Just a push of a button and a MEIKO bedpan washer-disinfector will clean and disinfect your care utensils. And it is highly effective. Bacteria, viruses and even C. difficile spores don't stand a chance – as certified by independent institute HYGCEN Germany. That assures hygiene for your residents on the one hand and reduces carers' workload on the other. Even your financial controlling department will be pleased because our robust technology saves resources and budget.

Making the world cleaner - with innovative technology for washing, cleaning, disinfecting and recycling food waste: that is our profession. We started out almost 100 years ago in a small workshop in the Black Forest. Today, MEIKO machines are at work in over 90 countries at the best addresses in the catering and hotel industries, in hospitals, in care homes, in fire brigades or as complex systems in airline catering or on cruise ships.

More than 2,600 employees around the world give their best, 1,300 of them at our headquarters in Offenburg. Our technical know-how, efficient organisation and customer-oriented sales and service network are exemplary. This is why MEIKO is one of the world's leaders in hygiene technology and in the collection and recycling of food waste.

All our solutions are united by our special quality - "made by MEIKO" - it guarantees a clean solution - every time, worldwide.

MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Englerstr. 3
77652 Offenburg
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