Peter Pflugbeil GmbH

Peter Pflugbeil GmbH is a family-owned company located in Zorneding, near Munich, in southern Germany. We have more than 40 years of experience in the production and distribution of special medical instruments.

Peter Pflugbeil founded the company in 1972 and ran it until he passed the reins to his son Stefan in 1995. Our areas of activity and expertise and our product range have grown and diversified continually throughout our history.

We have a highly motivated and very capable team of employees who have a personal stake in customer satisfaction. They've made sure that we've always achieved our goal of developing, producing, and distributing instruments of the finest quality. As a team, we're unbeatable at providing personalized, individual service.

Our approach can be summed up in one statement: "Finest Quality Developed and Manufactured in Germany." We maintain close contact with professionals and specialists to hear ideas that make their work easier, or even make new procedures possible. Then we work to turn those ideas into precision instruments that fulfill not just European quality norms, but also our own exacting standards.

We'd like to repeat that we're a family-owned enterprise. That means that we're free from the pressures of a large concern. We take the time to respond to the particular needs of our customers. It's the only way we want to do business. Close working relationships, assisting and sharing in the responsibility of successful and fulfilling patient care, and satisfied customers - these are our highest priorities.

We look forward to an interesting and dynamic cooperation with you!

Peter Pflugbeil GmbH
Peter Pflugbeil GmbH
Georg-Wimmer-Ring 21
85604 Zorneding
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