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Ritex innovative family planing – Made in Germany

Contrasting the trend to produce in Far East, Ritex still manufactures its Premium Quality condoms and lubricating gels in Germany. Worldwide the most advanced production systems, innovative technologies, best row materials, long-time experience and the strictest test criteria secure the highest quality, which Millions of clients trust since many, many years. This makes Ritex to one of the best-selling and most popular condom and lubricant brand since almost 70 years. Ritex condoms protect and are available for very different demands. Where insufficient ability to glide creates discomfort or even pain during penetration, Ritex lubricating and massage gels eliminate these problems. In case a couple is trying to conceive, Ritex offers the first lubricant to support the natural conception. Moreover Ritex produces protective sleeves for the medical sector.

Ritex searches for new distributors worldwide! If you are interested in Premium Quality from Germany, please contact us under ritex@ritex.de.

Ritex GmbH
Ritex GmbH
Gustav-Winkler-Str. 50
33699 Bielefeld
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