Schulte-Elektronik GmbH

Schulte-Elektronik GmbH is for more than 40 years  a worldwide provider
of high quality medical technology.

At our works in Germany we develope and produce infant monitors
and ultrasonic nebulizers.

Our models Siss Babycontrol and Siss Babycontrol M (Masimo SET)
are monitoring the smallest and most sensitive group of patients,
former premature babies and infants with cardio respiratory diseases
or other diagnoses.

The Schulte´s U-3003-S, the S-CLASS among the nebulizers convices
with its reliable and long-term performance.

High quality material like stainless steel and glass as well as our
contamination free system guarantee safe and
durable nebulization.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with the quality standards of DIN EN ISO 13485.

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Schulte-Elektronik GmbH
Schulte-Elektronik GmbH
Schörenbergstraße 20
59939 Olsberg
02962 - 97070
02962 - 970715
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