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The SYMBIONT is a medical device that, as a muscle stimulator, for the first time, combines EMS in low and medium frequency with on-body data recording of fitness tracking - in real time. In this way, biophysiological data is recorded by the training device while the user is still active. At the same time, the novel EMS device acts as a muscle stimulator, using electrical pulses to activate targeted areas of the body to achieve more intense muscle work. In the process, electrical impulses are sent from the Smart Body Device to the muscle groups via the electrodes in the Tec Suit during SYMBIONT EMS training.

With precise accuracy and utmost reliability, the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device measures a variety of individual data, such as body composition, muscle activity and heart rate, through the sensors of our novel EMS suit, the Tec Suit, during each training session. Through this information, regular health and muscle training can be tailored to specific body needs and personal goals

Symbiont Sports - schwa-medico GmbH
Symbiont Sports - schwa-medico GmbH
Wetzlarer Str. 41-43
35630 Ehringshausen
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