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SYNLAB offers a full range of medical diagnostic services for practising doctors, clinics and patients.

The SYNLAB Group is the uncontested leader on the European market for human medicine laboratory services. SYNLAB particularly focuses on the implementation of innovative laboratory medicine methods and on networking specialist diagnostic competences (SYNLAB Centres of Excellence).
SYNLAB maintains additional laboratories (strategic business units) in individual countries for veterinary medicine. This services portfolio is rounded off by expert medical imaging centres, day clinics and ambulatory services in certain countries.
The group works closely with research institutions and universities and also maintains an educational institution of its own, the SYNLAB Academy.

SYNLAB Germany
SYNLAB Germany
SYNLAB MVZ Leinfelden-Echterdingen GmbH, SYNLAB International Services Germany, Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 6
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
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Fathi Ben Hamadou
Business Development Manager International
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Dr. Michael Becker
Medical Consultant
Dr. Marco Gottelt-von Locquenghien
Division Manager International Business
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