Vogt Medical Vertrieb GmbH

Vogt Medical operates internationally since 1991 and has an outstanding experience in manufacturing and distribution of German quality medical disposable products.

The ultimate goal of Vogt Medical team is to create innovative, high-quality products, which are delivered through the chain of our trusted partners to the people in need. We are able to meet all of your requirements efficiently in 70 countries around the globe.

More than 350 Vogt Medical employees around the world are there for you every day to ensure that the patient’s quality of life is significantly improved and that the recovery progresses rapidly, that doctors are able to carry out their work efficiently and safely and that the economic burden on the healthcare sector is relived.

Vogt Medical Vertrieb GmbH
Vogt Medical Vertrieb GmbH
Rueppurer Str. 1a Haus B
76137 Karlsruhe
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