Data Protection

We, as Tradex-Services GmbH take security in all forms very seriously. We believe personal information should remain private. Therefore we have taken measures in securing your data and set actions in place that control your information both with us and that shared with external parties. In light of the new data protection laws, we abide with all new rules and regulations and are open with our handlings. With the new laws, new systems have been put in place and we ask you to carefully read through the document for a better understanding and knowledge.

Storage of Data and Documentation

By visiting our website, you have the option of accepting our cookie(s). With permission, small packets of information will be stored between your web browser and our server and saved for our records for a maximum of 14 days. The following information will be recorded:

  • Name of the visited sites (URL) ,
  • Date and Time of the the visited sites,
  • Size of the transferred Data,
  • Notifications of web queries (error messages and active links),
  • IP address of the device used to access our sites,
  • Browser used and version, Device type and operating system .

Data that is stored through the access of our website will be documented and securely stored. This information will only be provided to third parties, should we be required by law or a relevant jurisdiction. In the event of a suspected or intentional breach to our services will be deemed as grounds to provide the relevant authorities with the data collected.

Uses of Data Collected

Information stored and collected will be used for the sole purpose of business related functions to which your personal information and contact information have been provided with your consent and permission. This includes but is not limited to: Newsletters, Tradex+ Membership, Co-operation requests, Showguide. All data is only accessed by selected staff who handle all information with high regard to your privacy. All actions are protocolled and regular updates are made to ensure all measures to security are met

The use of Cookies

Cookies are small packages of information that are saved locally to your device through your interest browser. They are there to provide you with a better internet and user friendly experience. During your visit to our website, cookies will be saved to your device to remember your preferences. Cookies are on most sites, automatically accepted but can also be deactivated in the settings of your internet browser. This allows the information only to be stored for the duration of your visit without any further actions. This can sometimes result in certain functionalities of a website to become unresponsive

Links to websites for third parties

Our website contains links to various providers and no responsibility can be made from our side as to the data protection rules and regulations from the providers visited.

Date of update: 16. August 2022.