The international group of companies 3B Scientific specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of didactic material for scientific, medical and patient education. The product line includes anatomical models and charts, medical simulators, acupuncture needles, Laser Pen, therapy & fitness products as well as natural sciences teaching aids and systems.

The brand name 3B Scientific® is represented in over 100 countries worldwide in the medical and educational sector. Achieving constantly growing sales, the 3B Scientific group is the worldwide leader in the anatomy market today. As a recognition of its worldwide success, 3B Scientific has been selected as a member of the German ”Hidden Champions”.

The essential factors for the steadily increasing success are:

  • The excellent quality of the products, manufactured by skilled and specially trained personnel
  • The extremely competitive value of 3B Scientific® Products
  • The uncompromising flexibility of processing customer requirements


That is what 3B stands for today: Best quality, Best value, Best service!

3B Scientific
3B Scientific - CPRLillyPRO™
Aufbau des 3B LASER NEEDLE
Epidural and Spinal Injection Trainer
CPRLilly AIR Simulator for CPR and Airway Management
3B Birthing Stages Trainer
SONOtrain™ Ultrasound Vein model
SONOtrain™ Foreign body model
SONOtrain™ Breast model with cysts
3B Birthing Simulator P90 PRO
3B LASER NEEDLE, 10x infrared (785 nm)and 2x red (660 nm) laser light
Cando® Thera Putty - 4oz
3BTAPE CLASSIC Kinesiology Tape
3BTAPE ELITE Kinesiology Tape
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