3B Scientific is your partner in healthcare, medical education, and scientific teaching aids with excellent customer service and after sales support. As a trusted leader in the global anatomical market, the company is now focussing on the development of medical simulators to meet the growing needs of healthcare training and education worldwide.

3B Scientific provides high quality and innovative products made of durable material at fair prices, such as medical simulators for basic, intermediate and advanced medical skill training. Please visit 3bscientific.com to see the full range of products.

3B Scientific
3B Scientific - CPRLillyPRO™
Aufbau des 3B LASER NEEDLE
Epidural and Spinal Injection Trainer
CPRLilly AIR Simulator for CPR and Airway Management
3B Birthing Stages Trainer
SONOtrain™ Ultrasound Vein model
SONOtrain™ Foreign body model
SONOtrain™ Breast model with cysts
3B Birthing Simulator P90 PRO
3B LASER NEEDLE, 10x infrared (785 nm)and 2x red (660 nm) laser light
Cando® Thera Putty - 4oz
3BTAPE CLASSIC Kinesiology Tape
3BTAPE ELITE Kinesiology Tape
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